Week 15 presentation evaluations

This got saved as a draft! I’m so sorry it’s being posted late. Ah! Bad way to turn it last assignment. — Mina

Group 4: Their presentation focused on undocumented citizens. I liked the videos and how they focused on all sides of the issues in regard to the words “illegal immigrant” and how we refer to undocumented citizens in America. I also like how we were able to have a long and civilized discussions about the complexity of words and phrases.

Group 3: like the handouts and the presentation’s diagram of why citizen journalism is important. Very good point about how the typical news model is broken. I also really like the citizen journalism video because it was inventive and hilarious. Also like all the different examples of citizen journalism that was very beneficial throughout the years, such as Rodney King in 1991, Columbia Disaster in 2003 and 9/11 in 2001.

Group 10: Undercover reporting. I think it was interesting. Really enjoyed their video about undercover reporting and prostitution. I do think it’s an ethical issue when deciding whether a subject is worth going undercover for in terms of public value.

Group 7: I like the candy, and their topic of duty v. obedience. I think the conversation post the NY Post picture was great, but I wish they had used more recent, digital media related examples. All of their examples were either a few decades old or in print media.


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